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Stirling Falls scenic view by photographer Rach Stewart, embodying the holistic and natural approach of The Good Doc's wellness solutions

Empowered Health

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Welcome to The Good Doc

Do you often feel that genuine health and well-being are just beyond your grasp? Are you troubled by doubts, wondering if you're getting the full picture during consultations or if your doctor is working with limited information? Does the current medical system, with its one-dimensional approach and profit-driven motives, leave you feeling sidelined, unheard, or even judged for your choices?

It doesn’t need to be this way. A different path awaits—one that leads to true health empowerment.

At The Good Doc, you're more than just a fleeting moment in a rushed, impersonal system. Recognizing the exquisite design already within you, you're invited to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, leading to true health sovereignty.

With two decades of conventional medical experience, I’ve seen the system's shortcomings. That's why I've pivoted towards a paradigm that promotes health, not just manages sickness. Here, you'll find guidance, knowledge, and strategies that make you feel powerful around your well-being, maintain your health, age gracefully, and live your life to the fullest. Reject the one-dimensional pharmaceutical focus, and step into a world where natural health and continuity of care are the norms.

The path might be challenging. It will require time, effort, and commitment. But remember, every step you take is one step away from a corrupt system and one step closer to health sovereignty. Along the way, I'm with you to support your efforts, providing insight, advice, and steady presence.  Together, we can navigate the pitfalls and obstacles that stand in your path.  Making you feel powerful as you take charge of your own health.  This isn’t about short-term wins. This is about building a lifestyle that nurtures longevity and health, a lifestyle that belongs to you.

Your transformation is more than just physical – it’s an awakening of your own power, a reaffirmation of your autonomy. This is about more than just health. This is about you – respected, self-sufficient, and thriving.

Forest path leading to holistic healthcare consultation, emphasizing the GNM approach and natural wellness.
Waterfall flowing under a bridge, guiding to health resources and the incredible benefits of water
"When I first saw Mark I was getting 5 hot flushes a day some of which made me feel sick.  Now after just one session I've had 14 minor ones in 3 months, all without medication. Its monumental as I've been dealing with these for 15y, absolutely amazing!"

M.W. - Wanaka

The lie

The body is flawed and as you get older it becomes less and less competent

The truth

Your body is a self healing system that is always trying to achieve balance

About Me

I worked 18 years as a family doctor as an owner in two successful practices in urban Christchurch and rural Wanaka until 2021.  I gained my medical degree in 2002 and Fellowship to the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners Aug 2009.  I had a particular reputation for helping with fatigue disorders, difficult to treat conditions and a willingness to discuss natural wellness solutions outside standard dogma.

Having felt utterly let down by the Medical Council of New Zealand in their lack of pursuit of truth in the COVID-19 scare I de-registered and I now work as a holistic healthcare consultant in alignment with the ethics and values of the Wakaminenga Hauora(Health) Council and the World Council for Health particularly “first do no harm”.  I have a particular interest in assisting individuals in reducing their reliance on pharmaceuticals, and coaching them towards a life full of health and creating autonomy from the health system.  

Dr. Mark Edmond, holistic healthcare consultant championing the 5 Biological Laws of Nature and natural wellness solutions.
about me
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