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  1. Why don't I treat cancer? 

    • as a FSM practitioner I have made an agreement to not use it to treat cancer.  This has been requested by the developers to currently avoid undesirable attention from regulatory agencies.  Additionally as I forge into a new way of doing health I want to do a select area well and not spread myself too thin.  At this point I have chosen not to treat cancer but I am happy to direct you to the right people and offer support.

  2. Why don't I recommend more tests?

    • most of the time tests are trying to pin your symptoms into a diagnosis box.  This is harmful for several reasons. It can create fear and while this can motivate change it is not a healthy way to change and reinforces a fear paradigm which can even cause illness.  Tests in general are not nearly as accurate or useful as they give the impression of and often lead to further tests which compounds the problem​.  They also reinforce the false assumption that similar symptoms have the same cause.

  3. Can you prescribe my medications?

    • No, because I am not registered with the Medical Council of NZ any longer.  However I believe that you don't suffer from a deficiency of pharmaceuticals for starters nor do I believe they are the best way to manage illness (with perhaps the exception of emergency medicine).  What I can do is help you get off them.​

  4. Are you still a doctor/why did you stop becoming a doctor?

    • I still have a medical degree and as a result can still use the title doctor but I recinded my registration which you can read about here.  This means I have given away the ability to legally conduct the "practice of medicine" as a Health Practitioner under the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act.  So I have stopped practicing as a doctor.​

  5. Can I transfer my medical records to you? Can you become my doctor?

    • It is useful for you to have your own copy of your medical records from your current General Practice and you are entitled to a full copy without charge once a year.  With The Good Doc you don't need to transfer any notes or deregister with your current doctor. In fact I recommend you don't do so.  My service attracts no government funding so there is no obligation for registration or requirement to transfer.  I can act as your health consultant and improve/maintain your health while you can still leave access to the conventional medical system for emergency situations.

  6. What can you offer that a Naturopath cant?​

    • there are plenty of good naturopaths and they offer a great service.  What I offer is ​advanced diagnostic skills that have come from training specifically in diagnosis in Medical School (albeit I now believe misguided) and 20y of experience using it.  I have been able to apply these skills now to a fundamentally different way of looking at health.  Often other alternative health practitioners take a similar approach to conventional medicine but just using "natural" "pharmaceutical grade" supplements and instead of coming away with $$$ worth of tax subsidised pharmaceuticals you come away with $$$ of supplements.

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