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Compass symbolizing personalized health guidance and The Good Doc's unique approach.

The Approach

Our first session together is pivotal. It's a deep dive into your story, tracing the journey that led you to your current state. This comprehensive exploration may take an hour, but the insights gleaned from it are invaluable. Armed with this understanding, we can chart a clear, personalized path forward, placing you at the helm of your health voyage.

What I do
  • dedicate time to a careful exploration of your story, recognizing its importance in uncovering the root causes of illness..

  • give you a path out of dependence on pharmaceuticals

  • help you create lifestyle habits that increase your health independence

  • help you work with the system.  You don't need to de-register with your current doctor, in fact I recommend you don't.

What I dont do
  • I don't treat cancer but what I can do is offer you a 1 hour session to put you on the right path and give you some resources.  why?

  • I don't prescribe pharmaceuticals. why?

  • I generally don't recommend tests. why?

  • I no longer have a relationship with ACC or WINZ or the hospital system so while I can still offer advice and support I don't act as a Doctor with them.

  • I generally don't recommend supplements unless they are occuring in a natural form eg. cod liver oil


Empowerment Through Understanding

True and lasting change in our health starts with empowerment. It's about stepping into a place of understanding and responsibility, rather than allowing external influences to shape our health journey.

Enter the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BN), also known as GNM or GHK. This revolutionary understanding posits that, barring injury, poisoning, or deficiency, any changes or diseases in the body are orchestrated by the brain. These are not random occurrences, but deliberate responses to unexpected shocks or traumatic events, designed to make us stronger and more resilient.

At the heart of it, no illness can manifest without the psyche's involvement. Thus, gaining insight into why something is happening within us becomes a powerful catalyst for transformation.

Refreshing aerated water symbolizing the purity, clarity, and rejuvenating principles of Wakaminega Hauora in holistic healthcare.


The Wakameninga Health Council is a new interaction between health professionals and the people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) which champions a caring community-based network of duly qualified health professionals who share a set of values and commitments.  It is an officially recognised Māori organisation providing services to Nga Hapu and has the full support of the Taumata National Wakaminenga Ko Matou Nga Rangatira o Te Wakaminenga 1835.


Here are some of the values and ethics from the WHC to which I abide.

  • The goal of the Wakaminenga Health Council is to help restore, facilitate, and promote health and personal empowerment.

  • First do not harm

  • The respect of free will and the personal responsibility that derives from its application.

  • Every thought, every action has consequences. Each human being is entirely responsible for his thoughts and actions.

  • To improve your professional knowledge and skills so that the best possible advice and available treatment can be offered to your patients.


You can find more complete information about the values and code of ethics here and at our FAQ including our complaints process.

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